“He also shared a remarkably clear explanation of what Buddhists consider to be the three universal characteristics.

“No matter which tradition, go back to the foundational teachings, that are the three marks or the three statements that the whole Buddhist system is built upon.

(The first is) impermanence. How wonderful! Get impermanence: nothing lasts. If I truly experience impermanence then I’m in gratitude for whatever is, because everything’s on loan. And its a temporary relationship. That’s a shift in understanding. He said that needs to be tasted and understood. If you really grok it, then you don’t grab any more. Clinging and attachment is the problem.


The second is that with life comes pain. Stop running and hiding from pain. Bring it on! How interesting? Wouldn’t that be different if I stopped ducking and hiding from pain.

And then finally, Knock, knock. (Who’s there?) Nobody… The centre, right now, of your personality and your being is absolute pure emptiness or shunyata. The idea of a soul or the concept of a continuing thing is a neuro-linguistic, philosophical construct that allows you comfort, but it’s existent there only and it arises in the absolutely purity of your being.”


– Jun Po Denis Kelly”//via Nomad Arthur